Maximize your autistic child’s independence

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Maximize your autistic child’s independence

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What is Gubbio?

Gubbio is an app that uses visual support to help children with autism understand their parents’ messages. Therefore children feel safe, independent, and motivated to do their everyday duties.

For parents, Gubbio provides fast, easy methods and tools that really work with their child.



How can Gubbio help you?


Give autistic children the experience of safety and success

Gubbio provides visual support for parents’ messages for an effective communication. It helps children to structure time with daily schedules and promotes their independence with guidance to understand and carry out activities.

Get everything organized for the next day in 5 minutes

Gubbio includes built-in templates for common situations. With its ready-to-use card sets and purposefully designed user interface, getting prepared for the next day has never been so easy.

Use expert’s tools at home that your child will love

Gubbio is created on the basis of evidence-based methods and best practices from parents. Its high customizability and adorable, hand-drawn cards make sure that your child will love to use it – wherever on the spectrum.

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